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By placing an emphasis on quality, service and long term relationships,

Wilton Re has become a leading partner to the U.S. life insurance market for capital and growth strategies.

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Administrative Services

The Wilton Re management team is a pioneer in combining administrative services with reinsurance to achieve the operational efficiency goals of our clients.

Our solutions allow clients to reliably transfer their life in force business to updated technology in a secure operating environment, mitigating a host of issues associated with legacy administration systems:

  • Complex systems and increasingly complicated support processes
  • Inconsistent management of product portfolios
  • Lack of vendor support
  • Data integrity problems
  • Insufficient documentation

Our BPO-based administrative services platform provides comprehensive policyholder services with high service standards at cost competitive pricing. Administrative services include full call center operations, systems and services for policyholder and agent support. We provide ongoing support to our clients for policyholder, operations and financial reporting requirements.

Wilton Re’s capabilities allow for:

Alignment of Interests
Through reinsurance we effectively invest in your business, aligning ourselves with you both financially and operationally. We ensure that your policyholders and agents continue to receive high standards of service for the life of the business. We also assume all future costs associated with updates to technology used in servicing the block of business.

Confidence in Results
Wilton Re’s transition and conversion methodology reflects Wilton Re’s management team’s expertise of over fifty transactions and ninety legacy conversion systems, allowing clients to be certain of the outcomes of our partnership. We have one of the most experienced teams with respect to BPO management, in force conversion and ongoing administration in the life insurance industry.

Value Increase
Our ceding commission generally includes an upfront payment for future expense savings from our administration platform that absorbs the cost of conversion. The result is often an increase in the value of the business reinsured.

Structuring Flexibility
Wilton Re provides a range of structuring alternatives to balance clients’ objectives for risk and capital management.

In Force Solutions

By solving legacy business issues, insurers achieve operating efficiencies and free up the necessary capital and resources to pursue strategic growth.

New Business Solutions

In order to tap into new growth opportunities, insurers must rethink product development processes to quickly achieve market entry.

Primary Insurance

Employers are seeking flexible and customizable benefits and programs to meet the evolving needs of their workforce.