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By placing an emphasis on quality, service and long term relationships,

Wilton Re has become a leading partner to the U.S. life insurance market for capital and growth strategies.

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Wilton Re is a leading provider of run off solutions for discontinued life operations. Our emphasis is on structuring, pricing and management of in force business. Additionally, we partner with clients on larger, strategic acquisitions where our in force management and structuring capabilities can enhance competitiveness.

At Wilton Re, we understand that every transaction is unique. We tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements of our clients, taking into account the markets and environments in which they operate, and their strategy, goals and objectives.

Wilton Re brings:

  • Capital and capacity
  • Industry leading, low cost operations platform
  • Transaction structuring expertise and diligence
  • A focus on execution and deal management
  • Experienced integration and conversion management
  • Practiced knowledge of regulatory, tax, and structuring complexities of acquisitions

Clients leverage Wilton Re’s expertise for post-acquisition integration and on-going operations management of the in force business.  Our low cost, BPO-based platform can enhance our clients’ competitiveness for M&A.

Visit our In Force Solutions and reinsurance with Administrative Services pages to find out more about our broad range of capabilities.

Since 2005, Wilton Re has invested more than $3.2 billion in In Force acquisitions.

In Force Solutions

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