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By placing an emphasis on quality, service and long term relationships,

Wilton Re has become a leading partner to the U.S. life insurance market for capital and growth strategies.

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Middle Markets Overview

The Middle Market represents the largest growth opportunity within the U.S. life insurance industry.

Who is the Middle Market?
  • Approximately 70 million families
  • 30% of annual household expenditures
  • Less than $120,000 annual income
  • Median family income of $50,000

Within the Middle Market there are approximately 36 million families lacking sufficient insurance coverage and without adequate financial planning resources.  These customers will continue to be a focal point for new products and services offered by the life insurance industry.

To reach this critical consumer segment, insurers need to offer simple products and responsive delivery systems.

Wilton Re Solutions

Wilton Re helps companies accelerate growth or enter the Middle Market through our comprehensive product development, reinsurance and Private Labeling service offerings. By partnering with us, clients can have access to our product development expertise, filed simplified issue products, and end-to-end systems and processes suited for this demographic.

Wilton Re is actively engaged in providing Middle Market solutions to our clients including:

  • Simplified Issue Products Simplified Issue Term and Final Expense / Senior Market
  • Advanced Systems Straight-Through-Processing (STP) with Point-of-Sale (POS) capabilities
  • Risk Assumption across products and distribution methods

Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive solutions for the Middle Market.

Milliman Study
Wilton Re Sponsors industry’s most comprehensive Final Expense Study
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