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By placing an emphasis on quality, service and long term relationships,

Wilton Re has become a leading partner to the U.S. life insurance market for capital and growth strategies.

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Private Labeling Overview

In a low growth environment, life insurers need low cost and efficient methods to test market new products and services. However, the cost and timeline associated with new product development and supporting IT and operational infrastructure for delivery can create obstacles for successful market entry.

By offering simple products to new markets through alternative distribution channels, insurers can quickly transition from low to high growth opportunities

A recent Wilton Re survey found that the average time to market for a new product is 12-18 months at an average cost of $1.5 million. In addition,

  • Time and cost requirements create a barrier for insurers to pursue growth projects and new initiatives
  • Traditional product development limits responsiveness to distribution opportunities
  • There is increased uncertainty of success due to the limited ability to test market or pilot new product

Through Private Labeling, insurers can leverage proven products, expertise, and delivery systems to enter a market with greater speed and confidence.

Wilton Re Solutions

Wilton Re’s product development expertise, systems, and processes are developed with a distributor and customer focus.

Wilton Re’s Private Labeling Solutions provide:

  • Simple products designed to meet the needs of the middle market and its distributors
  • Scalable processes with standards for customer and distributor service
  • 3 to 4 months versus 18 months for new product entry
  • Point of sale approvals and accelerated, same day policy issuance
  • Underwriting decision engines
  • Risk sharing arrangements based on client needs

Wilton Re supports all traditional agent and alternative distribution sales channels.

Wilton Re has significant experience data resulting from a leading position as a reinsurer and acquirer of middle market business. Our experience extends to operations management critical to the delivery of simplified issue products to the middle market.

Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive Private Labeling and solutions for the middle market.

Many companies offer underwriting decision engines. Wilton Re offers complete end-to-end product, systems and process solutions for simplified issue products.

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