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Longevity Overview

Increases in life expectancy are a result of many factors ranging from better nutrition to improvements in health delivery systems to technological advancements allowing for early detection and treatments of chronic disease.

Longevity risk is one of the most compelling insurance risks facing the U.S.

Longevity risk transfer focuses on providing solutions for businesses and individuals exposed to financial loss as a result of increases in life expectancy. For those exposed to longevity risk, continued improvements in mortality can cause financial loss due to increased payouts and lower returns. Uncertainty around longevity related risks is likely to increase as baby boomers start to retire in the millions.

Wilton Re Solutions

Wilton Re works with clients to create tailored longevity solutions. We:

  • Structure, aggregate, finance and manage portfolios of longevity-linked investments
  • Assume pension and immediate annuities through acquisition
  • Provide longevity hedging and swap solutions through reinsurance or via financial instruments

Wilton Re’s longevity risk management team works with counterparties on everything from understanding the fundamentals of the longevity risk to which they are exposed, to structuring and implementing transactions that help clients better manage and mitigate such risks.

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